Dr. Donald K. Wright founded the Research Journal of IPR in Fall 2014 and served as Editor-in-Chief from its inception through Spring 2017.


Volume 3 Issue 2

Finding Hope in Media Hype: The Challenges of Crisis Communications During Disease Outbreaks
Shelley Aylesworth-Spink, Ph.D., Arts and Design University of Westminster

How the Most Powerful Celebrities Decide to Use Either Snapchat or Instagram
Young Joon Lim, Ph.D., The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Boosting Brand Reputation and Promoting Purchase Intention Through Corporate Social Responsibility Communication: A Test of Source, Formats and Sentiment Effects in Social Media
Kristie Byrum, Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania

How Twitter Challenged McDonald’s Japan’s 40-year Honeymoon with its Customers
Paul Sinclair, Ph.D., University of Regina, Mark Pluymaekers, Ph.D., Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Svenja Widdershove, Ph.D., Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Haithem Zourrig, Ph.D., Kent State University

Revisiting the Disciplinary Home of Evaluation: New Perspectives to Inform PR Evaluation Standards
Jim Macnamara, Ph.D., School of Communication, University of Technology Sydney
Fraser Likely, Likely Communication Strategies, University of Ottawa


Volume 3 Issue 1

View from the Upper Echelon: Examining Dominant Coalition Members’ Values and Perceptions and the Impact of Formal Environmental Scanning
Chris Wilson, Ph.D., Brigham Young University

Bridging the Divide: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Diversity Research and the Implications for Public Relations
Dean E. Mundy, Ph.D., University of Oregon

Who is Leading Whom in the General Motors Recall: Understanding Media Impacts on Public Relations Efforts, Public Awareness, and Financial Markets
Yang Cheng, Doctoral Student, University of Missouri-Columbia’s School of Journalism

You Had Me at Hello: How Personal, Developmental and Social Characteristics Influence Communicator Persuasiveness and Effectiveness
Terence (Terry) Flynn, Ph.D., McMaster University

The Influence of Employer Branding in Internal Communication
Marlene S. Neill, Ph.D., Baylor University

Protecting Online Image in a Digital Age: How Trademark Issues Affect PR Practice
Cayce Myers, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., Virginia Tech


Volume 2 Issue 1

Swisspers® Sleep Naked Social Media Campaign: A Case Study Exploring the Role of Online Influencers
Michele E. Ewing, APR, Fellow PRSA, Kent State University
Shawn Engler, U.S. Cotton
Heidi Modarelli-­‐Frank, APR, Marcus Thomas LLC

How Narratives Can Reduce Resistance and Change Attitudes: Insights From Behavioral Science Can Enhance Public Relations Research and Practice
Terence (Terry) Flynn, Ph.D.,  McMaster University

An Intertwined Future: Exploring the Relationship between the Levels of Professionalization and Social Roles of Public Relations Professionals
Juan-Carlos Molleda, Ph.D., University of Florida
Sarabdeep Kochhar, Ph.D., Institute for Public Relations, APCO Worldwide, and University of Florida
Ángeles Moreno, Ph.D., Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Gabriel Stephen, Doctoral Student, University of Florida

Diversity 2.0: How the public relations function can take the lead in a new generation of diversity and inclusion (D&I)
Dean E. Mundy, Ph.D., University of Oregon

Volume 1 Issue 2

Joining the Movement?: Investigating Standardization of Measurement and Evaluation Within Public Relations
Kjerstin Thorson, Ph.D., Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, David Michaelson, Teneo Strategy, Emily Gee, Jun Jiang, Zijun Lu, Grace Luan, Kaylee Weatherly, Sha-lene Pung, Yihan Qin, Jing Xu, Master’s students, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Strategic Public Relations

An Examination of the Validity, Reliability and Best Practices Related to the Standards for Traditional Media
Marianne Eisenmann, inVentiv Health PR
Julie O’Neil, Ph.D., Texas Christian University
David Geddes, Ph.D., Geddes Analytics LLC

What Do Blog Readers Think? A Survey to Assess Ghost Blogging and Commenting
Tiffany Derville Gallicano, Ph.D., University of Oregon, Yoon Y. Cho, Ph.D., Pusan National University, Thomas H. Bivins, Ph.D., University of Oregon

Understanding Stakeholder Engagement: Faith-holders, Hateholders & Fakeholders
Vilma Luoma-aho, Ph.D., University of Jyväskylä


Volume 1 Issue 1

Forging a New Frontier in Public Relations Research: Introducing the Research Journal of the Institute for Public Relations
Donald K. Wright, Ph.D., Boston University

READ MY LIPS: Leaders, Supervisors, and Culture Are the Foundations of Strategic Employee Communications
Bruce K. Berger, Ph.D., University of Alabama

State of Crisis Communication: Evidence and the Bleeding Edge
W. Timothy Coombs, Ph.D., University of Central Florida

The State of Social Media Research: Where Are We Now, Where We Were and What It Means for Public Relations
Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., Appalachian State,  and Marcia W. DiStaso, Ph.D., Penn State

The Academic Inquiry of Media Relations as both a Tactical and Strategic Function of Public Relations
Dustin W. Supa, Ph.D., Boston University