Aims and Scope
The Public Relations Journal will publish original research articles, commentaries, research-in-briefs, case studies, and is open to a variety of formats. The goal of Public Relations Journal is to rapidly share results of important research findings that explore the science beneath the art of public relations™ and are applicable to public relations practice.


Editorial Scope
Public Relations Journal is a free, web-based, open-access, quarterly academic journal presented by the Public Relations Society of America and the Institute for Public Relations dedicated to offering the latest public relations and communication-based research. This includes the online “publishing” of articles by academics or practitioners who examine public relations in depth and/or create, test or expand public relations theory. We accept all appropriate methodologies including social-scientific, case studies, philosophical, legal/historical and critical. All submissions should be focused on “research that matters to the profession,” and should include a section that outlines that both in the paper and executive summary. Implications for the discipline are required. The Journal provides vital insights that professionals can incorporate into daily practice, and if of interest, explore rich academic studies and resources for a fuller perspective.


Editorial Board
The Editorial Board members serves two-year terms with an opportunity for renewal with no limits. Editorial Board members will be sought for their area of their expertise. Editorial Board members will review a minimum of two papers per year to determine whether the manuscript fits the purpose of the Journal, applies an appropriate methodology, and thoroughly and appropriately explains the research findings. Additionally, reviewers will offer specific suggestions and feedback, communicating in a professional manner. The annual review and renewal period will involve removing some individuals, inviting others, and renewing existing members for another term.
PR Journal Rubric


Ethical Publishing Practices
The PR Journal is committed to ethical publishing practices through transparency. The PR Journal will not engage in predatory publishing practices or editorial instructions leading to excessive, inauthentic journal self-citation or any other fraudulent practices.



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