Public Relations Journal is a free, web-based, open-access, quarterly academic journal presented by the Public Relations Society of America and the Institute for Public Relations dedicated to offering the latest public relations and communication-based research. In June 2017, IPR combined its “Research Journal of IPR” with the PRSA “PR Journal”.

Volume 11: Issue 3 (February 2018)

Editor-in-Chief: Hilary Fussell Sisco, Ph.D., APR, Quinnipiac University
Senior Associate Editor: Julie O'Neil, Ph.D, Texas Christian University

Editors Introduction
Hilary Fussell Sisco, Ph.D., APR, Quinnipiac University



A Delphi Study to Identify Standards for Internal Communication
Julie O’Neil, Ph.D., Texas Christian University
Michele Ewing, M.A. & APR, Kent State University
Stacey Smith, APR, Fellow PRSA, Jackson, Jackson & Wagner
Sean Williams, M.A., True Digital Communications


High-Performing Corporate Communication Teams: View from the Top CCOs
Timothy Penning, Ph.D., APR, Grand Valley State University
Mark Bain, President, Upper 90 consulting



Global Capabilities in Public Relations
Amy Thurlow, Ph.D., Mount Saint Vincent University
Alexandre Sévigny, Ph.D., McMaster University
Mark Dottori, Ph.D., University of Ottawa


Everything is not Pleasantville: Reframing Public Relations Encroachment as Work Group Autonomy in Higher Education
Christopher Wilson, Ph.D., Brigham Young University
Mark Callister, Ph.D., Brigham Young University
Melissa Seipel, M.A., Cornell University


Public Relations and Post Communication Addressing a  Paradox in Public Communication
Jim Macnamara, Ph.D., University of Technology Sydney and London School of Economics and Political Science